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With extensive experience in Process Design, Equipment Fabrication, Piping and Structural Steel Works and Electromechanical field work, along with our extensive engineering capabilities, Mega Engineering is in a top position to perform in-house all the necessary operations and works to deliver a complete Skid Unit or Modular Plant to the customer.

Mega Engineering specializes in SKID design with sophisticated 3D Modeling software. We make sure that the system is optimally designed to fit the required space and allowing enough access for maintenance. We design the connections to allow for simple and easy plug and play into your plant process. Skid systems have a better construction quality because they are factory-fabricated. Almost anything can be installed on a skid and ported to your in-plant control system – be it flow meters, temperature and pressure transmitters, CIP skids. You can design skid systems with the control elements that you require.

Modular Skid is self-contained process system that has been built into a frame or “module” for easy transportation and integration. Modular process skids can contain entire process systems or individual process applications; including ATFD, solvent recovery, strippers, mixing and distillation, Water Treatment Plant, CIP Skids etc

Modular process skids offer a unique mix of flexibility and robustness that traditional site build process systems. By installing modular process skids, manufacturers of food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, oil and gas etc can reduce project time with less hassle.

Advantages :
– Tailer made for space available
– High Quality Fabrication
– Shorter project completion cycle
– Improved Site Safey
– Lower Construction Cost
– Greater mobility and ability to plug into remote locations
– Reduced on-site erection and hook-up time and minimal site disruption
– Single Point Resposibility

Process Skid Assembly includes:
– Steel structure
– Process Equipment
– Piping and valves
– Electricals
– Instrumentation
– Cabling and junctions boxes
– Insulation